Reisacher Chemie und Technik

Das Unternehmen

RCT developes, manufactures and distributes high-performance chemical construction additives for the professional, modern concrete industrie.

We are a company with a leader position in the development and production of products in the building sector.




At RCT we work every day closely with partners and clients to enable succssesful sustainable projects. 

Producing „Made in Germany“ commits us to make every effort to provide solutions of the highest level while respecting the environment. Architects, engineers and designers will discover new and better possibilities in architectural concrete.

Our success is dependent not only on a long-lasting tradition of innovation and development of quality products to provide our customers the best solutions, but also on the trust an dedication of all employees. Because offering quality and satisfaction to our customers is our priority, being our greatest desire, working with them with responsibility and professionalism. 




With its international sales team and a worldwide network of technical consultants, RCT Is represented all around the world, which allows for a smooth service between our partners and they end customers.




Pigmente & Flüssigfarben

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Trennmittel / Mischerschutz

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